Henderson International School

Quick Facts
Type: Private college preparatory
Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational
Year Founded: 2005 Average Class Size: 12
Grades: 1 - 8 Teacher - Student Ratio: 1:10


Henderson International School is a private college preparatory school located in 1165 Sandy Ridge Avenue, Henderson, Nevada, United States. It was founded as the Warren Walker School in 1992. In 2005, the school was acquired by Meritas LLC, a newly-formed educational venture who then reorganized the school into a family centric school with benefits bought about by the venture: professional management, capital improvements, and a growing array of opportunities for the students.

As a college preparatory school, Henderson International School offers a progressive core curriculum that stresses reading, writing, and speaking skills, as well as note-taking, decision making, critical thinking, problem solving and higher-order reasoning, all to prepare students for college. Students are trained to use tools to access information: the use of library, computers and internet, as well as other technology that can aid their learning. Character development and personal growth are also promoted through after school programs and extra curricular activities.

At Henderson International School, class sizes are small, allowing teachers a personalized, one-on-one approach in their teaching methods. The educational programs are also designed to cater each child's unique interests, strengths, goals and learning style. In addition, the faculty members are required go the extra mile to ensure the students flourish and are inspired to reach their full academic potential.

To cater out of state and out of country students, Henderson International School offers the Elite Boarding program to help them adjust to life at an American school. Henderson International has been accepting international students coming from more than 25 countries worldwide.


Henderson International School

1165 Sandy Ridge Avenue
Henderson, Nevada
United States 89052


Tel: 702-818-2100


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