Groton School

Groton School at a Glance
Type: Religious (Episcopal), College Preparatory (Coeducational)
Support for ADHD: No
Year Founded: 1884 Teacher - Student Ratio: 1:5
Average Class Size: 13 Students on Financial Aid: 37%

Description: Founded in 1884, Groton School is a college preparatory boarding school in Massachusetts after the Episcopalian tradition. Its founding headmaster Endicott Peabody summed up the purpose of the school; "to prepare for the active work of life." Groton School is a small,diverse community that hopes to inspire young people to live a life of character, learning, leadership and service. Groton School's main goal is to not just prepare students for college but for the challenges of life.

The school also acknowledges that students may face unique and individual challenges to learning which is, more often than not, unrelated to intelligence. For instance, there are challenges to organization, focusing attention, learning differences and disabilities, and different learning styles. The school aims to identify the learning challenges of students and to provide the appropriate intervention for them as early as possible. Groton School provides help in teaching students effective time management skills, alternative learning styles, organizational techniques, studying skills, and more. There are also peer tutors available as well as teachers who can provide tutoring services during school days.

In as far as college admissions is concerned, Groton School has an admirable track record. This is mostly due to the excellent preparation students get in school. Not only does the school have a superb college preparatory program but because students emerge from Groton School as academically well-prepared, intellectually curious, and proactive individuals. Some of the top choices of students who graduate from Groton include Harvard, Georgetown, Brown, Yale, Princeton, Wellesley and other top universities and colleges in the country.

The school's athletic department believes that there is good education that can be derived from playing sports. The school's sports offerings include baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, swimming, track and field, and others. There are also other extracurricular activities to get involved in like the Book Club, choir, Drama Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, school paper, and others.