Brooks School

Brooks School at a Glance
Type: Religious (Episcopal), College Preparatory (Coeducational)
Support for ADHD: No
Year Founded: 1926 Teacher - Student Ratio: 1:5
Average Class Size: 12 Students on Financial Aid: 23

Description: Brooks is a Massachusetts boarding school for boys and girls. It is rooted in the Episcopal tradition and is college preparatory in focus. Brooks provides students with a wide selection of courses, all aiming to prepare them for university. The school's academic program is challenging but is designed to benefit them in terms of their college application and in learning skills that will be useful for them for the rest of their lives.

Students are encouraged to look beyond the minimum requirements for college admissions. For example, students are required to complete courses in the three basic sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology) although completing these three is usually not necessary for graduation. In the end, students finish with transcripts that exceed the minimum required courses according to national standards, and they cultivate a love for the pursuit of knowledge and learning which will shape their lives in powerful ways.

Brooks gives students the opportunity to choose which academic programs are appropriate for their capabilities. Multi-level programs allow students to have some control over their progress through the school's curriculum. With the guidance of faculty members, advisors, and parents, students can map their course through highschool in the most advantageous way for them.

Brooks also believes that living in another culture is the best way to learn and widen young people's horizons. Through their exchange student program, many students have had the opportunity to travel and study abroad for a full year. Brooks has partner schools in countries like China, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, and Vietnam. Children don't only get to experience first hand what it feels like to live in another culture, they also get the opportunity to learn a new language and gain mastery of it.

Brooks students have a wide variety of extracurricular activities available to them including Chapel Fellowship, Math Team, Peer Tutoring, Art Association, and many others. There are also several sports offerings like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, squash, and others.