Linden Hill School

Linden Hill School at a Glance
Type: Junior Boarding School (all-boys)
Support for ADHD: Yes (also supports Learning Differences)
Year Founded: 1961 Teacher - Student Ratio: 1:3
Average Class Size: 4 Students on Financial Aid: 15%

Description: Linden Hill School is a junior boarding school in Massachusetts for boys with language-based learning disabilities, learning differences, and ADD/ADHD. The heart of the school's academic program is based on the Orton-Gillingham method. This is a technique on teaching reading developed in the early 20th centure. The method is multisensory, language-based, cumulative, cognitive, flexible, and sequential.

Linden Hill's academic curriculum is aligned with the state framworks but it's designed in order to allow students to progress at their own pace. The school's structure is ungraded and students are placed in classes according to their academic needs rather than based on their age.

The small class sizes enable teachers to create a structure that involves working closely with each child and provides constant feedback to the children's parents/guardians. The approach of educators in Linden Hill School is multi-sensory in nature, designed to help each boy to learn according to his own learning style. The teacher to student ratio is also very small (1:3) and the environment is warm and friendly.

Students can attest that Linden Hill School is a safe environment where they feel respected, appreciated, and recognized by their teachers and peers.

The school's arts program is a critical component of Linden Hill's curriculum. The program encompasses different art forms from visual arts, performing arts, creative writing, woodworking, and others. The program strives to help students discover and explore different forms of expressions.

The school also offers different sports programs to keep students active and physically healthy as well as help them become more socially adept by cooperating and playing with other students. Sports offerings in the school include alpine skiing, baseball, basketball, wrestling, soccer and others.