Fay School

Fay School at a Glance
Type: Junior Boarding School (Coeducational)
Support for ADHD: Yes (also supports Learning Differences)
Year Founded: 1866 Teacher - Student Ratio: 17
Average Class Size: 12 Students on Financial Aid: 19%

Description: Fay School is an independent Massachusetts junior boarding school for boys and girls grades 6-9 (Pre-K to 9 for day students) located 25 miles from Boston, MA. The school's broad academic offerings offers an opportunity for students to discover the intrinsic pleasures of learning as they prepare for the next steps in their academic life.

The school's Learning Services serves students from preschool to grade 9. Its goal is to assure that each child has the support he/she needs in meeting the academic demands of the school as well as developing essential life skills in the process. The team that works with the school's Learning Services is directed by a trained school psychologist and includes learning, reading, speech, and language specialists as well as experienced educators who have an insight about understanding the unique needs of each child. Educators are able to provide individualized support as well as support in a small-group setting. The Director of Learning Services help coordinate the efforts of educators and other specialist to ensure that each child finds his or her own learning style and use it to the fullest extent. Children also learn studying techniques and strategies which they can use as they advance to the next academic levels. For example, students can learn organizational skills or how to plan for a long-term paper or project.

The school's Learning Services department is available to all students, especially those who show a desire and need for additional support. It's also applicable for students who have learning differences but show high potential and demonstrated ability.

The Fay School also values physical activity. The school invests in improving their beautiful playgrounds, playing fields, and indoor facilities. Its sports offerings include baseball, basketball, cross country, lacrosse, softball, track and field, and many others.

The school's arts program is also an integral part of the educational experience of students. Developing students' innate love for art and music help them focus and become more engaged in their learning. Teachers provide students with a wide variety of opportunities to explore different kinds of art forms. The school believes that including art and music is an essential part of creating a broad and balanced educational program for young people.