St. John's Military School

St. John's Military School at a Glance
Type: Religious (Episcopal), Military, College Preparatory (All-boys)
Support for ADHD: Yes (also supports Learning Differences)
Year Founded: 1887 Teacher - Student Ratio: 1:10
Average Class Size: 12 Students on Financial Aid: unknown

Description: St. John's is a private, military college preparatory school after the Episcopal tradition. It's located in Salina, KS, on a 35 acre property. The school serves 220 young men from grades 6 to 12. For 120 years, St. John's has been committed to making disciplined young men who enjoy spiritual, intellectual and physical growth in a safe and structured environment. The school's structured environment, coupled with extra programs and initiatives to help students with ADHD and Learning Differences become academically successful.

The school's faculty and staff are dedicated to assessing each student's personal strengths and challenges in order to create an individualized program for them. This allows each student to flourish and improve while at the same time addressing their personal challenges effectively.

St. John's exemplary academic program results to superior standardized test scores, according to national standards. Aside from a structured and disciplined classrooms and residential halls, the school also provides mandatory study hall hours, additional tutorials, SAT & ACT study courses, an intensive College Preparation Program, and many more.

The school's JROTC program helps prepare each student to be responsible, productive members of society. The program aims to hone and develop each young man's leadership skills through different opportunities. It also aims to develop a passion for excellence tempered by strong values centered on integrity and self-responsibility.

The school has facilities for different sports programs including fencing, basketball, marksmanship, riflery, football, and many more.

It also has different extracurricular organizations like the Honor Guard, Scuba Club, Color Guard, and many more.