Ekklesia Mountain High

at a Glance
Type: Religious (Christian), College Preparatory (Coeducational)
Support for ADHD: No
Year Founded: 1982 Teacher - Student Ratio: 1:7
Average Class Size: Unknown Students on Financial Aid: 25%

Description: Ekklesia Mountain High has a boarding school for grade 11 students only, and a day school for students from preschool to grade 12. The purpose of the school is not just to give eleventh graders a challenging academic curriculum but also allow them to experience an unforgettable time doing outdoor adventures and experiencing spiritual growth while communing with nature. Students learn about what Christ's vision is for the Chrstian community and they also learn what it means to be a leader and a disciple. They become a part of a community where worship and discipleship is very much a part of everyday life.

The school uses experiential education where students are not confined inside the classroom. Along with a rigorous academic program, students participate in 10-day wilderness courses, 20-day mission adventures, and more. The school believes that children learn more if they are engaged with the subject matter. hands-on, real-life activities can more successfully teach them how to take responsible risks, think critically, and have a love for knowledge. EMH believes that in order for children's education to be holistic, it should involve the development of the students' mind, body and soul.

The wilderness trips that the school has are deliberately connected with their academic program, thus giving children learning opportunities that will not be available to them in a traditional classroom setting.