Lyman Ward Military Academy

Lyman Ward Military Academy at a Glance
Type: Military Boarding School (All-Boys)
Support for ADHD: Yes
Year Founded: 1898 Teacher - Student Ratio: 1:10
Average Class Size: 14 Students on Financial Aid: 10%

Description: Lyman Ward Military Academy is a military boarding school exclusively for boys grades 6 to 12. Lyman Ward believes that there is no substitute for the military structure and discipline in helping shape boys with strong character, positive attitude and a drive for excellence. The school's goal is to develop the character and self-confidence of young men and to prepare them to meet the challenges of life through a comprehensive program that provides an excellent academic curriculum, military programs, and athletic programs.

A lot of emphasis is placed on developing students with a strong sense of honor and pride. The school maintains a high standard of discipline with special focus on each student's personal accountability. Students are expected to be orderly, neat, polite, and prompt. A merit/demerit system is also used in the school where consistent and willful disobedience is punished accordingly. Aside from the military and sports program, the school also has art and music programs such as painting, piano, guitar, and more.