The UK government has recently committed to give $17m in financial aid for an inner London primary boarding school.

The funds are given in order to provide students from Durand Academy in Lambeth a free place to stay in Sussex. The financial aid comes as a response to the struggles of the Lambeth council to provide primary places for students.

Durand Academy also plans to open a new junior school on the 20-acre Sussex school site purchased in 2010 which would cater to students aged 13 and above. The construction of the school is projected to be finished by the year 2014.

The Department for Education said that the funds to be given to the Durand Academy comes from a portion of the country's budget which is earmarked for "priority policies" which includes projects such as free schools and academies.

"The poorest children are too often left behind because of weak schools and lack of opportunity. This unique and pioneering project, led by one of London's best primary schools, will give disadvantaged pupils the type of education previously reserved for the rich," a Department for Education spokesman said.

Without this extra funding from the government, representatives from the Durand Academy said that they would have had to add more students to the already crowded classes in the school sites.

The Department for Education has already earmarked $800m of its budget to be allocated for the construction of additional places in 2011 and 2012.