Turning Winds, a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teens located in Troy, MT has recently announced their initiative towards uwing alternative energy. The school recently installed nine 12x16 solar panels at its Montana campus. These solar panels are said to be capable of supplying 100% of the school's power supply for 7 to 8 months each year.

"This renewable energy solution will greatly benefit our school going forward," said Owen Baisden, Turning Winds Institute's VP of operations. "In addition to helping the environment, it's also a cost-effective measure with advantages that are far-reaching," he said in a statement.

Turning Winds has invested heavily on alternative energy and making the technology as low-maintenance as possible.

The use of alternative energy sources is fast becoming a trend in remote locations. The lengths of electrical wires required to include a location in an electricity grid would mean that if anything goes wrong, these places will experience substantial downtime.

Turning Winds' recent efforts into tapping into an alternative energy source made them the only 100% self-sufficient therapeutic boarding school in the country.