Stone Mountain School, a school specifically geared towards providing long-term treatment for boys with ADHD, Learning Differences/Disabilities, emotional issues, and/or behavioral problems recently welcomed its new executive director. Jack Weld, M.Ed. has been working with the school as its academic director for the past year and has been promoted to the position of executive director of the school.

"Moving into this new role gives me the opportunity to work more closely with a truly incredible team," said Mr. Weld in an interview, "I believe whole-heartedly in the school and the work we do, and I'm fully committed to maintaining the tradition of excellence that has made Stone Mountain School the leading therapeutic boarding school for boys with learning differences."

Weld's proven track record of helping challenged young men to achieve their maximum potential has made a positive impact on the school. Weld has more than 15 years of expertise working in different educational institutions with varying specializations (therapeutic, mainstream, experiential, etc.).

Stone Mountain School is one of the country's leading therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens with a nationally standardized academic curriculum. It's a SACs-accredited, licensed school which is guided by fundamental principles based on treating each student with compassion and respect and providing a supportive and structured environment in order to help students achieve continuous academic and personal progress.