UK's elite boarding schools such as Eton and Harrow are the prime destination for Chinese millionaires who want to study abroad.

This is according to Rupert Hoogewerf, author of China's Rich List. According to Hoogewerf, Chinese millionaires prefer to send their children to England to be Educated in the same way that people go to France for luxurious food and wine or to Paris for high fashion shopping sprees.

"What I'm constantly hearing from Chinese millionaires is that they like England as a place to get their children educated," said Rupert Hoogewerf.

In 2010, nearly 1/3 of the 10,030 students from the international community came from Hong Kong and China. This means that a considerable portion of international students belong to China's nouveau rich.

Some students are children of leading Communist Party figures or what are called "Princelings". Some are from property-owning families who have capitalized on the economic boom of China. Because of the sensitivity of their identity, most of these children study under different identities.

However, some register using their own names and make the headlines. For instance, Bo Guagua (the son of Bo Xilai, a prominent figure in China's Communist Party) was the first Chinese to study at Harrow. He later went on to college at Balliol, Oxford.