Kent's City Council is currently planning to place the city's vulnerable children in a private boarding school.

The council is considering subsidizing the education of some of the city's looked after children under an assisted boarding scheme. The council says that this policy could help alleviate the financial strain that some families are experiencing and would give these children a greater chance to succeed academically.

The council is already in talks with a state-funded boarding school in Surrey; the Royal Alexandra and Albert School. Currently, the school is accommodating 60 children who pay no tuition or boarding fees and who are recommended to them by social workers or primary school teachers.

Talks are also underway with non-state funded boarding schools in Kent such as St. Edmunds, Bethany School, Canterbury's Kings School, and Ashford school among others.

The Kent City Council proposes this scheme for children who are under care orders but are still living with their family. They anticipate that around 25 children aged 10-12 will benefit from the proposed scheme.

The projected cost of the education of each child is $5,000 and $8,000, however, it is seen as more cost-effective than spending $2,895 a week per child who is in residential care.