Christian Boarding Schools and Troubled Teens

There are two aspects of life which have been with us for generations. They are troubled teens and schools with an emphasis on faith and faith-based behavior. These two factors are more popular than ever today as parents with children in trouble are enrolling their kids in Christian boarding schools.

The students live in which removes them from their home environment and the school places an emphasis on the morals and teachings of the bible. But does this system work effectively? There are advantages for a parent and their child in sending the troubled teen to a Christian boarding school.

The first point to understand is that a troubled teen and a Christian boarding school are made for one another. This type of school is ideal for a teen in trouble. The staff knows the type of problems these kids have and there is a program designed to help and develop the students. It's a perfect fit. You won't find a bewildered faculty scratching their heads as the disruptive and desultory students sit in class. The staff has the experience and the programs to help these children.

A Christian boarding school is an ideal place for a troubled youth. The school is friendly and peaceful. There are no gang wars, drugs or wild behavior. The students are given the ideal location in which to sort out their difficulties and turn their lives around.

The troubled teens are not alone. They will find many of their colleagues have been living a tough life with problems and worries. It gives the students a sense of belonging to know they are not alone; that they are not the only teen with troubles. This attitude develops a common spirit and co-operation and friendship is just around the corner.

A Christian boarding school is not about punishment but rather about help. Of course there are rules and these are strictly followed with appropriate punishment to help steer the students into line. But the main thrust of the teaching program is to discover the root cause of the child's behavioral problems. Finding out what has caused them to be rebellious is half the way to fixing the problem? With a bible-based curriculum, students are shown the benefits of living a selfless rather than a selfish lifestyle.

The whole basis of a Christian boarding school is that it is Christian. The philosophy is that the individual staff and students alike - can have a deep and personal relationship with their Creator. God plays a major role in the life of the school. With all involved striving to share their faith, the team effort approach can make a world of difference to the life of a trouble teen.

Of course many Christian parents send their child to a Christian boarding school not because their teen is in trouble but because they know this type of school provides the highest standard of education for life.

There is a wide variety of Christian boarding schools and all parents would do well to at least consider sending their child to one of them.

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