Teen Boarding Schools and Youth Programs for Troubled Teen Boys and Girls

Teen boarding schools for struggling girls and boys are often a necessity for parents who feel that they have lost control of their child's life. This site offers Boarding School information for parents in need of help. Today, growing up is very difficult and more teens do not have the self-confidence needed to make it through the early teen years, and as a result can be easily lost. For families that find themselves in a difficult situation with their teenage boy or girl, boarding schools that are therapeutic can be a very good option. The success of therapeutic boarding schools has been proven by many studies. The best and top boarding schools are often difficult to find for parents who need to get treatment for their teenager. We can help parents who need a boarding school. Our boarding school can help teens in California, in Texas, in Virginia, in New York, and teens located anywhere in the world. Middle school and high school boarding school options are available for any teen that qualifies.



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Your Child Needs a Therapeutic Boarding School

Often it is easy to confuse an academic boarding school for a therapeutic boarding school. For the untrained eye it is difficult to know the difference. Therapeutic boarding schools offer an environment for teens that are struggling and need to work on improving their behaviors. Teen therapeutic boarding schools are designed to help a struggling teen through many different therapeutic approaches such as: Regular one-on-one counseling, therapeutic group sessions, activities that promote success, and individualized academic programs with the finest certified teachers available to ensure academic success. Academic boarding schools without a therapeutic component have a singular focus on academics, not changing behaviors. Traditional academic boarding schools, without the therapeutic component, are not patient with teens that struggle and often do not hesitate to expel a student from the campus, even if the parents lose tuition already paid. A therapeutic boarding school helps struggling teens and a traditional academic boarding school is more designed for higher achieving teens.


Boarding School Requirements

Teens that struggle with a wide array of negative behaviors can qualify for admission into a teen boarding school. These boarding schools are designed to treat many of the following issues:

  • Adoption issues
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Anger management issues
  • Chronic laziness
  • Defiance and rebelliousness issues
  • Poor academic performance
  • Poor study habits
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Poor family/social relationships
  • Poor self control
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Negative peer influences
  • Running away
  • Depression/Bi-Polar
  • Sexually Acting Out
  • Manipulation
  • Weight Problems

Most teens that qualify for admittance into a therapeutic boarding school are between the ages of 12 and 18.



Many parents have a difficult time understanding the importance of locating a good school that will help turn their teenager's life around. Although location is important for most families, it is not the most important factor in finding a school. The most important component in a therapeutic school is that it will help the troubled teen get back "on track" and by making better decisions. Imagine finding out you had cancer. The place of preferred treatment is often not going to be the hospital around the corner from your home. In the world there are several outstanding specialty cancer hospitals. Those few locations should be the preferred places of treatment. Specialty boarding schools are similar. Teens who consistently make bad decisions are often heading down a path that will eventually lead to destruction. It is essential for parents with teens heading for disaster that they get treatment for their teen in a school proven to produce successful results. For information on one of the best therapeutic specialty schools in the country please click here to see our featured boarding school.

We have been helping troubled teens for over a decade! If you are struggling with a teen please contact us or give us a call to find out information regarding help for your son or daughter at a therapeutic boarding school. Free consultation and information is available. Please make the no obligation call or fill out our short online form and we will contact you today!